A Look Back at the 2015 Presidential Politics Conference.

Selected praise for the inaugural Presidential Politics Conference of Iowa (October 2015)
Keynote speakers: Andrew Bacevich of Boston University, Robert Johnston of University of Illinois at Chicago, Amy Black of Wheaton College

“I really enjoyed the time I was there.”

David Redlawsk
Professor of Political Science
Rutgers University (NJ)
& Fellow at the Harkin Institute
Drake University (IA)

"It was a pleasure and a joy to have met you yesterday. Since we did not have much time after our breakout, I am hoping that you might share any comments that you might have regarding my conference paper. The conference was great! I absolutely enjoyed the entire experience."

David Jerome
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Northwest Missouri State University

“The conference was wonderful!”

Nicole Anslover
Associate Professor of History
Indiana University Northwest

“I wanted to tell you personally how much I loved it . . . how thoughtfully, intimately, and intricately organized it was.”

Zachary Michael Jack
Associate Professor of English
North Central College (IL)

“It was fantastic!  Dordt College, the organization, the hospitality, the people, the sessions, the speakers, the after-hours, they were all perfect.”

Paulo Sanchotene
PhD Candidate in Politics
Catholic University of America (DC)

“I enjoyed the conference and appreciate the investment of time and resources required to organize such a gathering.”

Ronald Libby
Professor of Political Science
University of North Florida

“Someone asked me if I would go again; I said in a heartbeat.”

Chad Israelson
Instructor of History
Rochester Community & Technical College (MN)

“I really enjoyed myself and benefited from the conference.”

Aaron Mason
Associate Professor of Political Science
Northwestern Oklahoma State University

“I’m so glad I went!”

Heather Frederick
Associate Professor of Political Science
Slippery Rock University (PA)

“I found great value in attending the conference.”

Timothy Haglund
Lecturer of Political Science
Northwest Missouri State University

“Thanks again for reaching out and inviting me to such a wonderful event.”

Lyle Jeremy Rubin
PhD Candidate in History
University of Rochester (NY)

“You did an excellent job in putting together a high-quality conference.”

Daniel Williams
Associate Professor of History
University of West Georgia

“The conference was a truly rewarding experience.  I applaud you for drawing such a diverse and widespread group of participants.”

Evan McCormick
Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Presidential History
Southern Methodist University (TX)

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the conference and thought it was extremely well done in so many ways. . . . By way of conference format and flow, I thought that too could not have been done better.”

Doug Vande Griend
Attorney at Law
Salem, Oregon

“Not only was it a success.  It was a smashing success.  This is rather astonishing when one considers that it was a maiden voyage. . . . There is something to build on for the future with the foundation that was put in place at Sioux Center.  What was that expression, ‘Build it they will come.’  Keep that winning formula and run with it.”

Thomas McInerney
Professor of History
Metropolitan State University of Denver (CO)

“I am in awe that you were able to pull such a successful multi-day event together at the same time that you shouldered your usual responsibilities.”

Barbara Trish
Professor of Political Science
Grinnell College (IA)

“Thank you for organizing an important and enjoyable conference. . . . The conference ran smoothly, the printed program was beautiful, the campus facilities were new and comfortable, and the pace was full but unhurried.  I heard many interesting talks, particularly the keynote addresses by scholars, presidential candidates, and a former congresswoman.  In less formal settings, everyone that I met was personable and open to interesting conversations on presidential politics and history.  The conference exceeded my expectations.”

Michael David Cohen
Research Assistant Professor of History
University of Tennessee at Knoxville